Your old jewelry is worth more than you think!

We buy gold in any form. Scrap gold, broken gold, gold jewelry, old gold, gold bars and gold coins.

We guarantee the best price on the market!

Come and meet us; we’ll take the time to appraise your jewelry in front of you. Appraisal is free. No obligation on your part.
We pay in cash.

How it works

5 easy steps

  1. Come to our event and meet one of our experts.
  2. We separate your gold jewelry according to carats (10K – 14K – 18K – 22K – 24K).
  3. We calculate the weight in grams using a digital scale approved by Measurement Canada.
  4. The price is calculated per gram according to carats based on the price of gold on the world markets.
  5. We’ll appraise each of your lots and pay in cash immediately.

All these steps are completed in front of you.

We guarantee the best prices for your jewelry, coins, and gold – silver – platinum bars.